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Our process is simple and effective. We understand your business, conduct our assessment, build a plan to action and then continue working to your first or additional clients.


We need to understand your business. This is typically done with an all-day in person discovery session where we interview key people in your company.


We will then, with all of our knowledge in every country of Europe, assess where your products or services are more likely to gain traction. Every country is different with different economies, different needs.. This duration is 1-2 weeks.

Plan to Action

Then we build the plan and jump into action all over Europe. We become your team in Europe. We start to contact potential clients on your behalf working to gain meetings and traction in many companies.

First Contact

Once we have a list of initial meetings with potential clients for you, we bring the parties together for the initial discussions. We then assist with the legal and tax implications of your first or additional clients.