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Simple, Fast to Market,
Massive Network, And Deep Knowledge.

Many companies grow to a certain size in their home country and region and then think – It is time to grow in Europe. But they have no idea where to start.

  • Problem: Starting and/or Growing in Europe can be a Complex and Long Process
    • Where do you start in Europe? Which Country? Which region?
    • Do you hire people, contract people? How many? Where? This is a huge up front expense typically.
    • Who is my target audience? Who are my main customers in each country?
    • What are the tax and legal implications in each country?
  • Our Solution:
    • Our Extensive Network
    • Our Deep Knowledge
    • Our Management Expertise
    • Our Simplicity
    • Our Speed to Value


Our Extensive Network

We have industry, service, product, legal, and tax contacts in almost every European country.  It is a vast network of people with extremely deep knowledge in their country.  Whether you want your first customer (s) in Europe or you need a services team in Europe, we have the network to make it happen.


Our Knowledge

We have many years of experience getting things done in Europe.We know the processes, cultures and most importantly the people when need your product or service.  We know who to contact immediately.  We have client contacts in almost every industry in every country.


Our Management Expertise

Some of our clients want us to manage their business in Europe.  We have people that are excellent at managing projects, managing customer relationships and overall just creating success.


Our Simplicity

With our network and knowledge, we will get you started in Europe quickly and easily.


Our Speed to Value

Typical time to market is 2-3 years.  We typically do it in 9 months.  This time savings means huge benefit to your company from a financial perspective or time to market perspective.

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